Monday, February 24, 2014

So God made mothers.

I read this article tonight that brought tears to my eyes. Most articles about motherhood and children do that, but this one made my heart explode into a million little pieces. It was listing off a bunch of things that mothers of sons should live by. They were all great and practical and touching. But in the last one the writer talked about how mothers are "home base" and that you will always be the constant safe place in your sons life, like the sun.

Like the sun.

God made the universe and it was good, he made heaven and earth, beast and fish, sky and ocean, and it was all good. He made man, but he knew that man shouldn't be alone.

Shouldn't be alone.

So God made woman, the ultimate companion. He made Eve, the first wife and mother. God made us loyal with a heart of servitude.

God knew that our husbands and children needed a source of warmth and comfort, so He made us.

Our husbands needed a companion, a helper, a supporter, a cheerleader, a partner, so God made us.

Our kids needed a warm chest, a listening ear, hair to pull on, lips to kiss, tummies to squish, and hands to serve, so God made us.

With a constant, warm love. Like the sun.

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